Yep, just what you asked for, I’m blogging every day in 2011


Well, almost.

Considering that it is already February 3rd I’m a wee bit behind.  But that’s fine, I’m taking this Wordsmith challenge and I am going for it.  I started this darned blog because I wanted to write, and write I will.  Oh boy-o.  Oh girl-o.  Oh non-gender-specific-o.  I’ll be writing, every damned day.  Every blessed day.  Every day regardless of how I choose to describe such day.

Why?  Why you ask?  Why climb a mountain?  Because it’s there.  Why get a job?  Because we like to buy things.  Why write a blog … because I can.  BECAUSE I CAN.  And because Mr. Wordsmith asked me to.  OK, he didn’t ask me specifically, but he does have this postaday2011 thing going on … and I read about it and I’m a “joiner” (though not related to Mario Joyner, I think) so here we go.

I am, however, pretty clueless with how to work this damned blog.  I mean, I know how to write.  Sorry … I mean that I know how to type out text into little dialogue boxes and press the “publish” button.  I do not know, however, how to properly add the bells and whistles that seem necessary to drawing readers to this blog.  I can’t “tag” or add “badges” but hey, who needs badges?  We don’t need no stinkin badges.  (That’s right, I just did THAT!)  But I’m going to do this post a day thing anyway.

But will you read it?  Will you?

Will you comment on it?  Will you inspire me?  Will you help me on this creative pathway that ends in … that goes to … well, they say it’s the journey not the destination.  That’s good, because I know of no destination.  I know only the journey, or at least the beginning of the journey and … hold on a minute … OK, there it is .. now I’m listening to Journey: Greatest Hits, so yeah, I know about journeys.

Thanks reader(s).



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