Be that way WordPress


So we reap what we sow, or do we sow what we reap? Anyway, on Friday I published a post apologizing for failing to write over the previous days and explaining that I likely would be out of pocket for a couple of days. I was, in fact, on a bus from NYC to Boston in order to do a staged reading of Sam Shepard’s “Curse of the Starving Class” with Academy Award winner Chris Cooper and his lovely wife Marianne Leone (yes, I just dropped those names) oh, yes, and directed by Jim True-Frost (Prez from “THE WIRE”) yes, just dropped that name too. As much as I was trying to post something, the internet or the computer or the bus, or perhaps all of them, were working against me. Efforts were made to post further – upon arriving in Boston I attempted to post and in fact thought I did post from my friend’s apartment in Somerville. Alas, I signed on today, intent on starting a new post and getting back to business, and I see that the post that was posted was merely the title “Mea Culpa.” Huh? WTF?

Mayhap WordPress was punishing me. Maybe my computer is rebelling. Is Mercury in Retrograde? That could be it. I like to blame my mistakes on “Mercury in Retrograde” because, even though I’m not really sure what that means, my guess is that Mercury is in Retrograde about half the year – so the way I see it, stuff is not my fault 50% of the time. I like those odds.

So, I realize this paltry post doesn’t make up for my absence. I know it seems I’m repeating my behavior of ignoring you one day and professing my love and attention the next. I won’t ask for forgiveness. I won’t ask you to give me a second chance. I’ll just try to prove that I can do this. For me. For you. For us.

OK, I’m gonna post this little bit of ridiculousness then start drafting the post I was planning on drafting. Then I have an audition that I’m pretty anxious for, then I’ll be back.

Did you miss me? I did. I mean I missed you, not myself. Hell, I get sick of myself pretty often. Miss myself? That may not be a bad idea.


2 thoughts on “Be that way WordPress

    • Thanks Barbara.
      I’ll tell you what, I was in Manhattan on Thursday with a friend of mine, and people were being real squirrely. More than usual. Much more than usual and I said “it feels like a full moon tonight,” and it was. Crazy. Oh, and then I turned into a wolf. But that’s not surprising.

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