I wanna be like Jesus


I’m not one for writing poetry. I have nothing against the art form, the medium, I’m just not a practitioner. For some reason on the train today I was inspired, for lack of a better term, to write the following. I hope you like it.
I Wanna be Like Jesus by Tom O’Keefe

I wanna be like Jesus.
I wanna have compassion for my fellow man,
My fellow woman.
I wanna ease their suffering.
I wanna ease yours.
I wanna open my arms to embrace the world,
knowing that they might crucify me first.
Might? Will.
I wanna be like Jesus and let the sinners know they aren’t alone
and warn the judgers that this time there is no safety in numbers.
I wanna be like Jesus and have no agenda but love.
I want to explain that hate is fear,
That the bravest thing we can do is love.
That we must embrace the fear.
I wanna be like Jesus and walk on water in my mother’s eyes.
I wanna heal the sick,
Enrich the poor,
Help the lost be found,
And inspire others to do the same
not just talk about it.
I wanna be like Jesus and
tear down the temples just to make my point.
I want to grant forgiveness for those that do me wrong,
Smile in the face of adversity,
And love those that I fear.
Like my worst self.
I wanna be like Jesus even though I don’t think I believe in him.
Then again on most days I don’t believe in …
I wanna be like Jesus and make it about everyone else.
I want to make the world a better place.
I wanna help others find peace and love,
Not open their eyes but help them open their own,
And truly see.
I wanna help people believe in love, in life, in the here and now.
I wanna be like Jesus and believe in me.

NOTE: After I wrote this, I realized that I was “influenced” or “inspired” or I quite liberally yet unintentionally “borrowed” the rhythm, meter and form from a superior poem entitled “I wanna hear a poem” by Steve Coleman. Here’s the link: http://spin-poetry.livejournal.com/8200.html
You can also find video of him performing his piece on YouTube – I recommend it.